Integrating sustainable options

Check out this interesting article published by Sustainable Brands. It got me thinking not only about how to encourage plant-based food consumption, but also about how sustainable choices in general can be encouraged.


While there is no shortage of amazing innovation and progress happening in the world of sustainable food and agriculture, it’s important to consider consumer behavior as an integral part in driving change. As this article points out, there is often a good deal of subconscious decision-making that goes into considering sustainable food choices, whether it’s at the grocery store buying tomorrow’s breakfast or dining at a neighborhood restaurant. Providing sustainable options and alternatives (in this case vegetarian dishes) is the first phase of driving sustainability. And it’s an important one. But perhaps as equally important is the second phase: making those sustainable options become sustainable outcomes. Integrating sustainability into traditional sectors, industries, and community spaces means situating sustainable options next to conventional ones. It is important to point out that these options are better for the planet, but it’s also necessary to make sure they appear on par with the other options, as equally valid to choose from.


Author: Graham Turbayne

Hello! I'm a 2016 graduate of Duke University figuring out how to contribute to a sustainable future. I'm passionate about advancing food sustainability, wildlife conservation, and innovation. I enjoy tacos and cats in my spare time.

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