About Me

Launched in June 2017, this blog is for those of you who want to join me in exploring how we can achieve a future of sustainable food. Agriculture is 12,000 years old, but our chance to make it innovative and sustainable has only just begun.

Welcome! I’m Graham. Thanks for visiting.  If you’re passionate about creating a happy, healthy future for people and planet, by bringing together food, sustainability, and innovation, then this is the place for you. I’m eager to encourage creative thinking and foster productive dialogue by highlighting the biggest challenges and most innovative solutions for the future of food and agriculture. I’ll share my findings and thoughts with you in daily posts, and I hope to hear from you in the comments.

If you’re ready to join me in this exploration, please subscribe! I’d also love to accept critiques, topic suggestions, and guest posts.

Here’s a bit about me:

Since I was a little boy, my main passion has been wildlife conservation. As a child, I was incredibly lucky to spend summers at two pristine lakes in New Hampshire and Upstate New York. There, surrounded by supportive family and many crazy cousins, I grew up amid spectacular natural beauty, spending the days swimming in crystal-clear water, hoping [foolishly] to run into bears on every hike, and falling asleep to the mournful songs of loons. I came to appreciate wildlife and nature above all else, and dreamed of preserving these gifts for the future of humanity and the planet.

With this deeply-personal passion and a scientifically-inclined mind, I went to college and studied Evolutionary Anthropology and Biology, with a focus on Ecology. Evolutionary Anthropology is the biological study of what makes us human and how we have evolved as primates. This field captivated me. We were “human” as hunter-gatherers wandering the grassy savannas of Africa, and yet we’re still “human” as we wander the streets of urban metropolises, sitting down to enjoy Big Macs at McDonalds. My Ecology coursework invigorated my passion for the natural world and situated my otherwise scattered, multi-disciplinary studies right at the intersection of humans and the environment.

I worked hard throughout college to pursue vet school, envisioning a veterinary career at the forefront of wildlife conservation and research. I graduated from Duke University in May 2016, and was accepted to veterinary school at the University of Georgia. During the first year of vet school, however, I found myself seeking something more in my career. With the same underlying passion, I decided to shift my career focus from the lions of the savannas to the humans of the metropolises. I am currently exploring career options and figuring out how to best impact others, the planet, and the future. I don’t know if that impact will involve food or sustainable agriculture, but for now that’s what’s getting me excited.

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